Window Cleaning

The windows of your storefront, office, or restaurant are the first impression that your business has on potential customers. Clean, shiny windows project a curb appeal of quality and professionalism.

There’s also a huge energy saving benefit of clean windows. Spotless windows let in much more light and solar energy which makes free heat for your home or business. And in those cold climates, south facing windows get extra sun, and need even more cleaning.

Everyone loves having clean, shiny windows, but cleaning them can be a real pain.

If cleaning windows is something you can’t do yourself, or don’t have the time to do it, or just don’t want to, we are here to help.

MD Cleaning Solutions a professional window washing company for homes and businesses, and we’ll do the job for you quickly and with great results. We specialize in year-round, low-rise window cleaning as well as other cleaning services for Commercial & Residential customers.

We use high quality tools and materials, along with specially formulated environmentally safe cleaners and sealers, to provide a streak-free shine.

We’ll not only the glass but also tracks, windowsills, and window frames. Ask us about Screen Cleaning & Repair too! We also clean mirrors, ceiling fans, refrigerator doors, and display cases.

We wash, squeegee, and towel detail inside and outside glass, corners and ledges, and double check for drips and streaks. We’ll make sure to clean all of the dirt, smudges, and fingerprints off your windows leaving a beautiful shine. Drop cloths and shoe covers are used as needed, as well as non-marking ladders.

For water fed pole window cleaning, we use pure filtered water. A three-stage filter purifies the water from chlorine and all minerals down to 0 ppm. This ensures that your windows dry clean with no spots or streaks. It’s safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Whether it’s a one-time cleaning or recurring maintenance, we are available year-round at reasonable rates. We recommend Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly cleanings for the best value for your money. Rates vary according to window type, size, accessibility, number of stories, frequency, and other factors.

Brighten up your outlook on the world by having us brighten up your windows.

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Screen Cleaning & Repair

When you have clean windows, you need clean screens too. Luckily, we don’t just clean window glass, we also clean window screens too!

Metal mesh window screens can collect a lot of dust, grime, bugs, and pollution from being exposed to New York City streets. When you open your windows, the wind pulls in that dirt and bacteria into your home. Get clean fresh air into your house again by keeping your window screens clean!

Unfortunately, most people don’t clean their screens, and don’t even know how to clean window screens. It’s not easy to do, but we’re professionals, so leave the hard work to us.

Rips and holes in window screen look dingy and can also lead to unwanted bugs and insects inside the house. We will fix broken window screens and replace screens that are beyond repair.

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