Awning Cleaning

Your awning and signs tell your customers everything they need to know about your business. But it’s not just what it says, it’s how it looks. You’ve obsessed over your branding, and spent a lot of money on your awning, now make sure your signage stays looking as great as you imagined.

Regular cleanings prevent discoloration and dirt buildup and keeps your signage looking newer longer.

Restore the beauty to your beautiful awning by removing dirt and mildew that has built up over time. Sealing your awning and scheduling frequent cleanings will significantly extend the life of your awning.

We use specially formulated, and environmentally safe cleaners and sealers. Our cleaning process, which includes gentle washing, low pressure rinsing, chemical treatment, and protective sealers, safely clean and protect the fabric.

We recommend cleaning and sealing your store signs at two to four times every year to significantly extend the life of your signage.

Just got a new awning and signage? Don’t wait until you have a dirty awning to make sure it stays clean!

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Bird Control & Cleanup

When it comes to your business or home, pigeons and other birds can be a nuisance.

Not only do bird droppings on buildings make your house or storefront look unprofessional, but bird droppings cause property damage, can be filled with harmful bacteria, and those falling bird feathers can carry diseases.

Cleaning bird poop is a dirty job. Luckily, MD Cleaning Solutions is certified in this area, and we’d be happy to help you get rid of your bird problem.

We know how to keep birds away from buildings. First we’ll clean up bird droppings on your property, and then we’ll install products to repel birds with ease.

We use harmless, non-fatal methods to stop birds from coming back.

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